Presumed Guilty

“I’m innocent!”

After four years in prison for a crime she didn’t commit, Melanie Swanson’s finally free. Yet starting over brings a heavy load of challenges. Nearly everyone believes she’s guilty – including police lieutenant Jace Tucker. Jace’s certainty cracks only when Melanie is repeatedly attacked, and when the people around her are picked off one by one. Melanie’s clearly innocent – and terrified. Someone wants her dead to keep her shattered memories from recalling the crime she witnessed rather than caused. She lost her friend’s, her fiance, and her freedom when she was found guilty – but proving her innocence could cost Melanie her life.

**** (4 star rating)
“This is an exciting debut from a promising storyteller. The pacing and plotting are ideal for reader engagement, and those readers will anxiously await a sequel. “- Leslie L. McKee, RT Bookreviews Magazine

In stores and on ereaders April, 2015


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